If you are reading this, you have been discovered by one of our sex scouts. Please read the following and contact us regarding this one of a kind sexual opportunity. You would be perfect for this.

AD: Looking for "Real Men" to be in a Porn Movie in your area. Actors and camera men wanted. No Experience necessary. We Train. Age/Race Not important. (must be at least 18)

There's an ad you won't see everyday. Why? Because we'd get bombarded by men everywhere. This information is usually only sent to and from adult industry insiders. Sometimes, however, we do get tips on new talent from our "scouts". That's where you come in.

The truth is, the porn business is tired. You know what I mean... you've seen the same few guys in just about every movie for the past 10 years. We need new blood, like you. We are currently looking for a few, select guys who want to have sex with beautiful, XXX starlets and get paid for their time. What do you say?

Let's talk about the women you'll be working with. There are fresh, barely legal girls (at least 18) trying to prove they are adults. There are college gals doing it simply to earn a quick buck for school. There are nymphos who simply love sex. There are older gals trying to live out a fantasy.


Most girls only last a few years, then the next breed of prettier, younger stars take over. Men, on the other hand can stay in the business for years. Some guys continue to work well into their golden years. This could be your dream job until you decide to retire. You will be having sex with an endless variety of horny, beauties while making big bucks. Now that's what I call a great job!

I swear this will change your life. You'll be totally in charge of your sexual future. Once you receive the information, you'll be able to pick which girls you'll work with. Work as much, or as little as you like.

Up until very recently, jobs in the XXX business existed only in the Los Angeles area. Now, we've expanded to your area. DON'T WORRY. YOU WON'T HAVE TO MOVE. Once you start working in your area, the job is yours to keep. You will have sex and make money doing it... legally.

If you're really into the wild stuff, you can make even more money having sex with women in the specialty market. (Older Women, Pregnant Women, Women Who Squirt, Tickling Videos, Golden Showers, Bondage, Gang Bangs etc.) Again, this is only if you have a wild sexual appetite. (This is NOT required).

If you're not into actually having sex or you're camera-shy... that's ok too. Camera men are also in demand. (Positions are limited, so hurry!) Just being part of the action is fun too. You can always party with the girls "off-screen". (Once you're part of the gang, you can go "onscreen" anytime.)

This opportunity is only for men who are serious about the SEX BUSINESS. We are charging a nominal fee for the information to weed out curiosity seekers. You'll make the fee back once you start working.

As a SPECIAL BONUS we will include a FREE contact list of women looking for sexual friends. These are not girls in the "biz". These girls are just looking for fun. You can use these contacts in between "jobs".

IMPORTANT: We will only be a limited amount of orders in each city. After that, applications will be returned. We're moving through states very quickly looking for new talent so don't delay. This is what you've been waiting for! Fill out the form and send it in NOW!

Your new best friend,


Max Eden

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